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Legionella Training

The success of any management system depends on knowing the facts and having the most relevant information at hand. Risk mitigation and duty of care go hand in hand in the world of Legionella management. Therefore knowing and understanding your cold and hot water infrastructure is paramount. If you know your system, you understand where the risks are.


Legionella Verification Monitoring and Testing

Verification monitoring involves the analysis of water samples from your warm water system for the presence of Legionella. This is necessary to ensure that the controls that you have in place are operating effectively and to also detect the presence of Legionella before cases of Legionnaire’s disease occur. 


Legionella Design

There are many Codes, Australian Standards and Water Heater Manufacturers requirements to be considered and provided for, when a System is required to produce warm water (not exceeding 45°C at the outlet). It is a requirement that all storage water heating systems must be heated and kept at temperatures above 60°C.


Legionella Operational Monitoring

Operational monitoring involves the measurement of specific parameters within the HCF’s water distribution system as set out in the WRMP.  The results of operational monitoring provide immediate indication that the quality of water is within the required specifications and can trigger immediate corrective actions where the results are not within the acceptable parameters.


Legionella Treatment

Installation of water treatment into the water systems of hospitals and residential aged care can involve significant up front and ongoing costs for facility managers. Indeed, water treatment can also introduce new risks into the water system, if the choice of treatment is incorrect or if problems occur in the operation of the treatment process.


Legionella Legislation & Compliance

Legislation and Compliance play an important part when considering how to design and install water supply reticulation systems that can successfully manage legionella. The two key components include; Commissioning for New Installations and the Inspection Process


Legionella Commissioning