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The Legionella Management Advisory Group is a collective of professionals in there own field of expertise that come together to address issues and give guidance on, minimising Legionella outbreaks. The group was formed following the Inaugural National Legionella Conference held at the Gold Coast in November 2016.  

LMAG is a chapter of the Backflow Prevention Association of Australia. Association Incorporated Number A00332439.

Who we are

Chairperson - Kelvin Slade

Kelvin is a qualified & licensed plumber , drainer and Gasfitter. Holding endorsements in Backflow Prevention, Thermostatic Mixing Valves & Solar – Heat Pump Hot water Systems. Kelvin and his wife Mandy are the owners of Slade Bros Plumbing.  Kelvin has been a member of MPAQ for over 20 years and is the current President. Kelvin also holds Certificate 4 in Training and Assessment, facilitating many courses for MPAQ throughout Queensland.

With decades of experience along with a deep level of knowledge has enabled Kelvin to assist his clients with their water quality management, understand identified risk’s associated in their infrastructure and successfully treating Legionella outbreaks. 

Kelvin Slade - Legionella Management

Member - Dr Harriet Whiley

Dr Harriet Whiley is an Associate Professor in Environmental Health at Flinders University and Deputy Director of the ARC ITTC for Biofilm Research & Innovation. As an environmental microbiologist her research is aimed at informing best practice control of microbes in the environment to protect human health. She is passionate about collaborative research with industry and government partners to facilitate the feedback loop between research, regulation, and practice.

Member - Jeff Parsonage

Jeff is a qualified & licensed plumber , drainer and Gasfitter. President of the BPAA

Member - Jason Hinds

Jason is the Snr Manager of Research and Development, Design and Engineering at Enware Australia Pty Ltd. Jason has held this position since 2011 and is responsible for leading Enware’s research and innovation strategies, managing their product portfolio and new product development initiatives. Jason’s strong human centered design approach to problem solving and scientific research background, ensures Enware remains committed to leading the industry through innovative solutions that protect the heath and safety of our world’s most precise resource – Water.

Enware is an 85 year old manufacturer and distributor of high quality specialist plumbing and water delivery and management solutions. Enware has built a strong reputation for providing safe and sustainable water solutions designed to enhance users’ experiences and improve the health and safety of premise plumbing systems.

Member - Sarah Bailey

Sarah has years of experience in medical facilities where she specialised in microbiology and infection control, drawing on her postgraduate studies in medical microbiology. She leads QED’s infection control practice which includes hospital air quality, mould investigations and legionella risk management.

Member - Scott Goulter

Scott has been involved in the hot water industry for 16 years with the past 12 years as director of LegioGuard Pty Ltd. LegioGuard designed and developed a hot and cold water system, to sanitise potable water as it enters a facility via thermal sanitation. LegioGuard also patented and developed LegioFlush – a non-toxic solution for killing legionella and other bacteria living within potable water systems.

Scott’s 12+ years of working with facilities across Queensland and NSW provides him with a unique understanding of why buildings have legionella detections and how it can be removed.

More recently Scott has embarked on a new direction and is developing a product for killing bacteria in water.

About us - Scott Goulter- LMAG Member

about us - LMAG

The Legionella Management Advisory Group (LMAG) stands as a dedicated entity committed to ensuring water safety through comprehensive Legionella risk management. With expertise in water system assessment, monitoring, and control, LMAG provides invaluable guidance to prevent the proliferation of Legionella bacteria. By merging industry best practices and regulatory compliance, LMAG offers tailored solutions for diverse sectors, safeguarding public health. Their collaborative approach involves risk assessments, training, and ongoing support, establishing a proactive defense against Legionnaires’ disease. LMAG’s unwavering commitment to water safety makes it a trusted partner in the continual battle against waterborne pathogens.

about us - The Legionella Management Advisory Group


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