Legionella Training

The success of any management system depends on knowing the facts and having the most relevant information at hand. Risk mitigation and duty of care go hand in hand in the world of Legionella management. Therefore knowing and understanding your cold and hot water infrastructure is paramount. If you know your system, you understand where the risks are.  To understand the information well enough to make pertinent decisions relating to water risk management to control the Legionella is required. Specialised training may be required by the staff involved in the water risk management committee along with the contractors involved to ensure pertinent decisions and actions are put into place.

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Future Legionella Courses

Courses on these topics should be available in the very near future. In the mean time should you have any specific questions please contact our office


Get your question answered by the LMAG committee at their next meeting. Your answer will be posted on the Q+A page, following the next committee meeting.